Express COVID Testing At These Locations

Drive-Thru Rapid COVID Testing

All Insurance Accepted, or Cash

Huntington Beach

Fountain Valley 

Woodland Hills

San Luis Obispo

West Hills – Urgent Care
El Camino Real charter High School

Rapid COVID Testing

Our testing centers are designed for ease of access, rapid results, and humane-centered care. We believe your health is our priority. Real-time results for under-served community members means we start from the ground up.

Covid Testing Huntington Beach

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About Our Rapid COVID Tests

Born from Care, Treated Through Compassion, Built for Humanity

Our mission is simple, provide, empower, inform, and treat the local communities.

Dedicated Rapid COVID caregivers, physicians, providers, and community advocates want to serve all. We believe that all community members, from our vulnerable elderly and amazing friends and family to our healthy individuals, deserve access to immediate COVID-19 testing.

COVID Testing

Our COVID Test Process

Register Online

< 3 min

Complete an online health questionnaire using our secure platform.

Get Tested

< 3o min

Arrive at your registered time, stay in your car, and follow the posted signs. Our clinical team will walk you through collecting your own sample.

Receive Results

24-48 hrs

Your results will be sent to you on a secure, HIPAA compliant system, by your selected preference, text, or email.

Telemedicine Consultation

< 24 hrs

Our physicians will follow up with you to address any and all of your concerns because we’re here for you.

Onsite COVID testing for larger companies and corporate offices.

Please Bring To Your Appointment

Goverment ID

Valid picture ID with address

Cell Phone

For communication during the test and listening to & following instructions.

Insurance Card

After registration, your details will be validated and a photo with your insurance ID will be taken.

Our Orange County COVID Test Partners

Rapid COVID Testing site in Orange County